Speaking and Pronunciation Classes

     Students from many countries enjoy taking English Excel Tutoring Speaking and Pronunciation classes.  You will have many chances to use conversational English in ZOOM Meeting classes after taking a short diagnostic test to determine your level.  Whatever your level, EET’s step-by-step online interactive lessons build on what you learned in the previous lesson, while helping you improve fluency and pronunciation.  Classes include useful speaking and pronunciation drills and students will receive weekly homework to be completed online with Off2Class.com’s new voice recorder to to get you speaking more at home.  

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                                        Speaking and Pronunciation Lessons

Sepaking Activities
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IT Manager, December 08, 2018

“Kevin met all my expectations as a professional teacher of English. He is mature and has a solid and consistent methodology in teaching the language. I immediately felt the usefulness of his lessons, and I am looking forward to having more classes with him.”

Minsk, Belorus

Speaking and Pronunciation Class

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