Japan Eiken English Test

     The Society for Testing English Proficiency (STEP test), is a Japanese non-profit organization supported by Ministry of Education that runs the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, and is the most prevalent English-language testing scheme in Japan.  English Excel Tutoring’s Eiken Test Preparation Class will get you speaking, listening, reading and writing better with interactive online lessons which include a digital lesson review and homework.  Lessons are based on past Eiken examinations and the curriculum will help you understand how to “infer” meanings of difficult words to understand the overall meaning of a reading passage.  These easy to follow, interactive lessons allow for practice speaking with a native speaker of English and help students develop the vocabulary necessary for the STEP test.  We understand the challenges facing Japanese students, and all our tutors have experience as EIKEN test evaluators and every student will receive individualized attention  We are looking forward to seeing you soon in an EET online ZOOM meeting classroom soon!

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Japan Eiken English Test Prep Class

60 Minute Lesson

$30 USD


High Quality Video Class Meeting

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Individualized Learning Plan

International Time Zone Friendly